Group Creator 🧐 w/Zoom CSV Groups

Creating planned, pre-assigned Zoom breakout groups, especially for larger groups, can be pain.  On the surface, uploading a CSV sheet is a simple task.  But, could the process and organization of groups be better managed? Problem: Creating pre-assigned groups is time consuming and rigid, especially when creating breakout groups for Zoom. Solution: Group Creator is a Google Add-on that keeps an organized collection of classes and groups.  It creates a CSV with a downloadable link and hyperlinks to navigate between the TOC and other sheets. Download: Click Here This is not an approved app, but is safe to run.  Feel free to review the script using Tools>Script editor. Hybrid Tip:  If you are teaching hybrid (1/2 the class at home and the other at school), consider creating class lists with only the students who are at home, or color code the names for the students based off of their at-home/school rotation.   If you use one Zoom for all of your classes, create your class groups,

Google Sheets: Script to Print As PDF, Save as CSV, XLSX

Hyperlinks can do more than just link documents and sheet pages.  They can also help you to quickly download the content as a CSV, TSV, XLSX or PDF.  Best of all, we can limit the range to be downloaded. Problem: If using a Google Sheet, exporting specific ranges as a PDF, CSV, etc., is difficult or impossible using Google's preselected menu bar. Solution & Skills: We will create one Google Spreadsheet where we utilize the hyperlink function to create download links.  This solution helps with the creation of invoices, grabbing CSV data that can then be uploaded to other programs/web applications. Skills: ✔ Write hyperlink function; ✔ Link to pages within spreadsheet; ✔ Modify link to create CSV, XLSX or PDF files by range. Hyperlink Function: Here's the breakdown of the hyperlink function in Google Sheet: = hyperlink ( "" , "Google" ) The equal sign tells Google Spreadsheets that we are using the hyperlink function.  Inside the firs

Google Form Quizzes - Find Max Score - Apps Script

If you have ever created a quiz for mastery, you may have discovered you can have students take the quiz as many times as they want.  As an educator, you can use the number of retakes a evidence of growth or opportunities to provide overall performance gains while also providing short penalties to discourage frequent and rapid retakes.  For example, students can take the quiz as many times as they wish, but for each time they take the quiz, the score is reduced by 2.5%. If you have this information in a spreadsheet, you are golden. In this tutorial, we will create an App Script file to filter out Google Form scores to quickly upload the marks to our SIS or online Gradebook. Problem: If using multiple quizzes in a year where students can retake quizzes, reimplementing formulas to filter the data can be a pain.   Solution & Skills: We will create one Google Spreadsheet where future forms can be pointed.  We will use Apps Script to pull and format the scores, creating a new sheet with

Google Form Quizzes - Find Max Score - Formulas

Sometimes a little grade candy is just the motivation teachers need to get students to learn factual information.  Factual information can be easily assessed with a Google Form.  But what if you want to find the max score for each student?  We some finessing and two slick formulas, we can create our list.  Using  GradeTransferer  we can then upload our marks into our gradebook.  I'll be using Aspen.   If you try this, just make sure you have set your quiz to collect the email addresses of the users.  I also recommend having a dropdown with all the student names or two text fields where students can type in their first and last names. Problem: Google Classroom doesn't accept the importation of marks if a user has taken a Google Form quiz more than once.  So, we need a way to find just the highest mark to update our gradebook.  With your Google Form set to allow the users to take the quiz as many times as possible, lets get started. Form should not limit the number of responses.

Rubric Hero to Classroom

Google Classroom seems like the mainstay for grading during these hybrid times.  Student work is collected in a centralized location and feedback and scores can quickly be given by the teacher. Google's rubric feature is elegant.  And while teachers cannot download student performance per criterion, the rubric functionality is an added plus for Classroom. Issues w/Classroom Rubric The central woe for most teachers is plugging the rubric details into a spreadsheet or into Google's interface.  And while teacher technologists have created incredible tools to make the uploading of rubrics to Google Classroom easier for teachers, none of the tools take a traditional rubric and convert it into Google's formatting...until now. Rubric Hero to Classroom Using App Script, Rubric Hero does the following: 1. Creates one central location for all your rubrics; 2. Allows weighted criteria; 3. Generates a Google Classroom Rubric Sheet with point values, ready for upload. Rubric Hero in Act

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Rubric Hero

  About - Process  About: Rubric Hero is a Google App Script designed to allow the  user to build analytical rubrics with weighted categories. There are three components to the service: 1) App Script to run the Web App, 2) Rubric Hero Grade Book - A Google Spreadsheet that houses the lesson data and scores, 3) Rubric Hero - Templates - A Google Sheet that stores the physical rubrics.  Rubric Hero allows the user to do the following: Create weighted rubrics Post Assignments to Classroom (required to use rubric feature) Sidebar scoring Post scores to Classroom (assignment must be posted using program for this feature) Publish individualized rubrics and returned to student via Classroom Download of CSV for upload to ASPEN or spreadsheet for further analytics. Process: Step 1: Download and Create Rubric Download the Google Sheets. Open the Rubrics - Rubric Hero - Templates spreadsheet first.  Click on "Rubric Hero🦸‍♀️" in the menu bar; select New Rubric.  Accept the permissions.