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Paragraph Generator - Writing Tool

About - Process - Web Monetization - Personal Info - Terms of Use - Contact/Support About: The Paragraph Generator is designed to help teachers chunk paragraph writing.  The follows typical procedures in constructing a paragraph by: Claim (Topic Sentence / Main ID) Background (What the reader needs to know.) Scene (Connects the background back to the topic at hand.) Textual Evidence (Quote or paraphrased evidence that directly supports the MI.) Analysis (What's the significance of the quote? What can we deduce from the evidence? How is the claim further supported?) Connect Back (In most cases, this can be closely tied to the analysis by advancing the claim.) Process: The Generator requires the user to create the claim and add a quote (TE). In working with middle school and high school students, getting students to find a quote that supports the claim before developing the paragraph has been the best approach in getting writers to support their po