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The Paragraph Generator is designed to help teachers chunk paragraph writing.  The follows typical procedures in constructing a paragraph by:
  • Claim (Topic Sentence / Main ID)
  • Background (What the reader needs to know.)
  • Scene (Connects the background back to the topic at hand.)
  • Textual Evidence (Quote or paraphrased evidence that directly supports the MI.)
  • Analysis (What's the significance of the quote? What can we deduce from the evidence? How is the claim further supported?)
  • Connect Back (In most cases, this can be closely tied to the analysis by advancing the claim.)


The Generator opens with two fields, one for the claim and the other for a quote that supports the claim.
The Generator requires the user to create the claim and add a quote (TE).

In working with middle school and high school students, getting students to find a quote that supports the claim before developing the paragraph has been the best approach in getting writers to support their positions.  Finding good quotes is often a struggle, especially for middle schoolers.

Don't feel that you have to use the Paragraph Generator to construct a full paragraph.  The generator can be used to help focus on particular parts of a paragraph.  For instance, if a quote is provided, then the user can use the generator to produce a lead that gives authority and citation at the end of the quote.


This add-on is monetized using Coil, a separate company that is not affiliated with the development of this application.  If you are a Coil subscriber, micro payments are made to St. Jude, a non-profit not affiliated with this project, using the St. Jude Interledger address.  (You can find more information about St. Jude here.) The developer doesn't make a penny, or any digital currency, off of the use of this add-on.

If you are not a subscriber to Coil, this notice will appear near the submit button. If you are a subscriber, it will timeout after 9 seconds.A Coil subscription is not required to use the add-on.  If you do not have a subscription to Coil, then a notice will appear above the "Submit" button.  This notice can be closed by the user.

If you are a subscriber to Coil, you may see the "Join Coil!" notice present when the app initially loads.  It should disappear after 9 seconds.  Coil users will also notice a small counter in the lower left hand corner of the sidebar. Clicking on the "C" will hide the donation counter.

Subscribers of Coil should be logged into to the free Coil Chrome Extension in order for micro-donations to occur.  Coil users should be aware that you are not personally making the donations, rather, the donations are coming from Coil.

Collection of Personal Information:

There is absolutely no collection of personal information from this application.  The script is bound to the document, meaning your data is only stored on your Google Apps account.  Your personal information is not collected by Teaching with Technology or any other service.

Terms of Use -- Product is offered As-Is:

Use of the Paragraph Generator means that you agree to all of the terms of use.  There are no warranties, expressed or implied, offered with the Paragraph Generator ( "add-on" from this point forward).  The user should be aware that editing of the compiled product from the "add-on" may be required.  The "add-on" will not guarantee a higher mark from an evaluator.  Use of this add-on means the user(s) agree to the "as-is" terms and hold the developer(s) harmless in all cases.

Contact / Support:

If support for this product is needed, please email this address: teachingwtech2day
Please do not send solicitations, sales, or marketing inquiries.  Doing so may result in your email getting blocked.

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