Rubric Hero to Classroom

Google Classroom seems like the mainstay for grading during these hybrid times.  Student work is collected in a centralized location and feedback and scores can quickly be given by the teacher.

Google's rubric feature is elegant.  And while teachers cannot download student performance per criterion, the rubric functionality is an added plus for Classroom.

Issues w/Classroom Rubric

The central woe for most teachers is plugging the rubric details into a spreadsheet or into Google's interface.  And while teacher technologists have created incredible tools to make the uploading of rubrics to Google Classroom easier for teachers, none of the tools take a traditional rubric and convert it into Google's formatting...until now.

Rubric Hero to Classroom

Using App Script, Rubric Hero does the following:
1. Creates one central location for all your rubrics;
2. Allows weighted criteria;
3. Generates a Google Classroom Rubric Sheet with point values, ready for upload.

Rubric Hero in Action

Get the Free Template Download:

Or, for you international users, create a copy here.

Let me know what you think about the App.  Enjoy!


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